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10 Things About Books That Only Smart People Understand. Number 6 Is So True

Why do those clickbaity titles cluttering up your internet just lead to lame videos and lists of the best kinds of vegemite from the 80s? What if they led to something much cooler? Like novels. Here are some suggestions that will either make you want to laugh, or smash your computer with irritation. Can you guess them before you click?

  1. These Amazing Pigs Tried To Run Their Own Farm. You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

  2. Some Said Reality TV Had Gone Too Far, But They Never Expected Her To Do This

  3. What Happens When One Death-Obsessed Teen Doesn’t Take No For An Answer (ok, not strictly speaking a novel)

  4. There Is Such A Thing As Rape Culture. (And You Might Even Find It Turns You On)

  5. Who Are The World’s Real Heroes? The Answer Is Not What You Think

  6. I’ll Never Look At Those Crazy Antique Wardrobes The Same Way Again

  7. He Thought He Was Too Good For Her, Until This Happened

  8. This Midget Got A Surprise Birthday Present He’d Never Forget. Page 1238 Made Me Cry.

  9. They Were Going To Kill This Pig. What a Spider Did In Response Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

  10. You Can’t Imagine What These Guys Created From Fossilised Mosquitos

How many did you get right?

2 comments on “10 Things About Books That Only Smart People Understand. Number 6 Is So True

  1. Kristy E
    July 15, 2015

    You are very talented at writing click bait! I only got 4 🙂


  2. Alex West
    July 15, 2015

    Which four? lol


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